Benazir Bhutto Story Benazir Kahani by Abas Attar Urdu PDF Book


Benazir Story in Urdu Free Political Book in PDF

بے نظیر کہانی

 عباس اطہر

Get another Pakistani Political and Historical Urdu book in PDF. Benazir Kahani by Abas Attar The Story of Benazir Bhutto Chairperson of Pakistan Peoples Party PPP and he was first female Prime Minister of Pakistan. Behind the story of the daughter of the east  Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Murder case and starting point, the story of  Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto punishment also read the story of East and West Pakistan in Local Urdu languages. you may read My Dearest Daughter and Aur Line Kat Gai .The following table of content of this book:
  • Urf e Agaz
  • 27 December 2007
  • 4 April 1979
  • Bhutto Aur Fauj
  • Khoba 
  • Kala Qanoon Ya Kala Seyasat
  • Naya Khail
    Benazir Bhutto Book

    Benazir Story in Urdu

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