Bekar Ke Mah-o-Sal by Khalid Fateh Muhammad in PDF


Orhan Kemal Famous Turkish Adeeb Book in Urdu

بیکار کے مہ و سال

 اورحان کمال

 ترجمہ: خالد فتح محمد
Free download PDF Urdu translation book of Bekar Ke Mah-o-Sal written by Orhan Kemal and translate into the Urdu language by Khalid Fateh Muhammad. Orhan Kemal Famous Turkish Adeeb. Orhan Kemal is the nom de plume of Turkish writer. He is known for his realist books that portray the life of the poor in Turkey, He had great work to interpret such a long novel into the Urdu dialect. this novel also translated in other languages. Total 91 pages and PDF file size 3 MB only.
Orhan Kemal Famous Turkish Adeeb Book in Urdu

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