Behar e Tabassum By Shaukat Thanvi Funny Urdu Novels PDF

Behar Tabassum Shaukat Thanvi

Behar e Tabassum written by Shaukat Thanvi funny Urdu novels PDF free download, Get best Urdu Tanz Mazah novels. This Urdu novel portrays some amusing portrayals and characters. The writer told numerous occasions in his regular style which constrained the perusers to snicker. Shaukat Thanvi parody about our independent habits and social practices. Shaukat Thanvi is the most famous Asian Urdu writer he writes many Urdu funny books.  Shaukat Thanvi was conceived in Thana Bhaun, which has given him his last name: Thanvi. On the proposal of Syed Imtiyaz Ali Taj, Shaukat Thanvi joined Lahore’s Pancholi Art Pictures as a story and musician in 1943. You may be read Pagli and Saanch ko Aanch.

Shaukat Thanvi Funny Novels

Funny Urdu Novels PDF

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