Be Naam Si Aqeedat by Tariq Ismail Sager


بے نام سی عقیدت
طارق اسماعیل ساگر

Free download or read online Pdf copy book of “Benaam Si Aqeedat” written By Tariq Ismail Sager.Tariq Ismail Sagar, built-in on 16th October 1952 in Lahore, Pakistan is a name which does not charge any addition at all. The man who takes his albatross as the novelist, journalist, author and accepted diplomacy specialist with adamant hands. The figure of both cyberbanking and cardboard media in Pakistan. The man with an asset of sixty additional books, twenty-three ball serials and bags of articles. He is the one who has accustomed Pakistan blur industry the advance Software of the cine “Salakhein”. The man who has the close command over the apparatus and the networks of apple advanced intelligence services. The man who is ranked a part of the best affairs biographer of South Asia. His books are awash like hot cakes. People all about the apple delay for his writings. As an amount of fact, abounding of his books are translated into English for non-Urdu speakers. The man who’s versatility has no parallel. Hundreds of apriorism have been accounting on his writings and services. No doubt, he is the active fable of Pakistan. 

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