The Battle For God Book In Urdu By Karen Armstrong

 فی سبیل اللہ فساد

کیرن آرمسٹرانگ

ترجمہ  یونس منصور

Free Download or read online Urdu pdf book “Fi Sabeel Allah Pasad” By Younas Mansoor. This is a Urdu Translation book of  “The Battle For God” written By Karen Armstrong.The Battle for God Fundamentalism in Judaism, Christianity and Islam is a book by recognized feature writer Karen Armstrong show up in 2000 by Knopf/HarperCollins which the New York Times proclaimed as “one of the a great deal of infiltrating, lucid, and aware records to date of the speeding up of the fundamentalist developments in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam”.The Battle for God follows the historical backdrop of the quickening of fundamentalism in the three above monotheistic beliefs. Armstrong’s measure begins with improvements in Judaism and follows it through the origination of fundamentalism in Christianity to acknowledgment of an agnate access to change in Islam.Armstrong’s pivotal case lays on the abashing in the midst of anthem and logos, application these in the esoteric workforce fitting by Johannes Slok.

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