Basic Electrical Engineering Book in Urdu PDF

Basic Electrical Engineering Book In Urdu PDF Part 1 A and B written by H.D.G and Aegon Poltu and Translate in Urdu by Pro Abdul Razzaq Bukhari Free download or read online 
This Urdu neighbourhood digital book is an unbelievable instructional booklet for those enthusiastic about the field of Electricity. I found it significantly important, both generally speaking for picking my rating task Program and as a fundamental reference direct in the application.
It is well altogether considered, and, spread out in a reasonably clear issue. This book joined with some basic data of intensity, will give you a far-reaching theoretical establishment right now.  
Elementary Electrical Engineering
Electrical engineering is a broad and complex subject that demands many different skills and abilities. At the elementary level, it is important to understand the basic principles of electrical engineering. The purpose of this book is to present these principles in a concise and simple language.
This book covers the fundamental topics of electrical engineering, including:
 Concept of electricity
 Electrical circuits
 electrical appliances
 Power transfer
 Power generation
This book is a useful guide for electrical engineering students, teachers and others interested.
Part I: Basic Principles
Chapter 1: Concept of Electricity
Electricity is a natural force that exists all around us. It is a type of energy that can produce heat, light, and motion.
The main characteristics of electricity are as follows:
It is a powerful force that can cause mass destruction. It is also a protective force that can make our daily tasks easier. It is a renewable energy that can be obtained from sun, wind and water.
Chapter 2: Electrical Circuits
Electrical circuits are used to transfer electricity from one place to another. They are used to connect and disconnect electrical devices.
The basic characteristics of an electrical circuit are as follows:
They move power starting with one spot then onto the next. They connect electrical devices and disconnect them from each other.
They control the flow of electricity.
 Chapter 3: Electrical Equipment
Electrical devices are used in electrical circuits. They are used to generate, transmit, control and consume electricity.
Some common types of electrical appliances are:
 The generator
 The fuse
 Chapter 4: Power Transmission
Electrical wires are used to transmit electricity from one place to another. Electric wires are used to transmit electricity over a mass.
 Some common types of electrical wire are:
 the wire
Chapter 5: Power Generation
Power age is the most common way of producing power. Various methods are used to produce electricity, including:
 from thermal energy
 from the air
 from water
 from the sun
This book presents the fundamental principles of electrical engineering in a concise and simple language. This book is a useful guide for electrical engineering students, teachers and others interested. You can also read Workshop Safety Rules and Instruction And Basic Course ATC (Metal, Auto, Electrician) Guide Book in Urdu. Basic Electric Engineering Book Part 2.
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