Balochi Proverb Washe Quftar by Abdul Rehman Gaor


Beautiful Balochi Proverb (Kahawat, Batal, Saying) In Urdu 

وشیں گفتار
عبدالرحمن غور

Beautiful Balochi Proverb (Kawat, Meetay Bhol)  translation book in the Urdu language. Free read online or get PDF copy of Balochi and Urdu book Wash Quftar written by Abdul Rehman Gaor. Balochi beautiful saying Kahawat translation into Urdu language saqafat Zuban e Kitab. This Urdu book shows Balochi Culture and Baluchi language. Total 120 pages and PDF file size 6 MB only.

Beautiful Balochi Proverb (Kahawat, Batal, Saying)

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