Balochi Names Dictionary With Urdu Meaning by Shakeeb Ahmad


Asma e Balochi by Shakeeb Ahmed Shahab

اسما ئے بلوچی

 شکیب احمد شہاب

The meaning of boys and girls Baluchi names “Asma e Balochi” written by Shakeeb Ahmed Shahab. Baluchi kids (Chuke) name Urdu tarjuma book free download Balochi children or baby names dictionary with Urdu meaning, read Balochi names for boys and girls, if you know it’s a meaning of Baloch people name meaning read this free book or download for offline reading, This is a booklet in Balochi to the Urdu language. Total 31 pages and PDF file size 4 MB only.

Asma e Balochi by Shakeeb Ahmed Shahab

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