Bahar e Shabab Ginsi Education Kitab and Guide Urdu Book



Men Health Guide and Information Unani Urdu Book

بہار شباب کتاب

حکیم محمد خان

Bahar e Shabab another Complete Male Unani Education and guide Urdu book (Jinsi Kitab) written Hakeem Mahmood Khan, the secret tips, and information about male and female body health, The men health informative PDF book in the Urdu this book find about: Mardana Taqat aur jinsi taqt k poshida batian, Male jinsi technique, Female health secrets, the effect of body part, secret power of male, The types of male, Damvi mazaj, Balgami Mazaj, Safaravi Mazaj. Sodahi Mazaj. intercourse is the natural to act, benefits and hazard of intercourse, the best time for practice, types of intercourse, Male and female in 20 twenty years to 30 years, 40 to 50 years. Information about Khawaja Sara and Hiajrhe, The body structure of female belong and a relation of male parts, The type of female breast and its type of sexual parts of the body. Types of girls and cool mind girls, a technique of intercourse (Jamah kerne ke tareqe). Read More download Jinsi Urdu book (Mast Jawani ki Kitab) or read online.

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