Baghi Hindustan By Allama Fazal e Haq Khairabadi

Baghi Hindustan Fazal e Haq

Baghi Hindustan by Allama Fazal e Haq Khairabadi Free eBooks download or read online best Urdu books here. The Urdu book Baghi Hindustan Urdu Pdf is an awesome records writing which describes the independence conflict of 1857.

Shaikh Fazal e Haq Khairabadi is the author of the book and an eyewitness of this battle. He discussed the reasons for this rebellion and defined the motives for the failure of the Indians. Maulana Fazal e Haq Khairabadi becomes a brilliant pupil of Islam in Khairabad. He authored some outstanding books on Islam and records. He performed an important position in the conflict of independence and declared it an Islamic Jahad. Now get a free pdf file from the below links.

“Baaghi Hindustan” is an excellent literary piece by Allama Fazal Haq Khairabadi which best describes his place in India’s struggle for freedom. This book is a sample of Allama Fazl Haq Khairabadi’s highly impressive poetry for the promotion and maintenance of freedom.

“Baaghi Hindustan” provides scenes of a writer’s mental period. The language of poetry is used in the freedom struggle which reflects the beautiful experience of literature. Allama Fazl Haq Khairabadi’s poetic power of expression appears in this book, which leaves a profound impact on the hearts of the readers. The message of his great national pride and honesty is imprinted through his poetry.

The poems, ghazals, and songs included in the book perfectly describe the local environment. Allama Fazl Haq Khairabadi’s developing literary skills are shown in the titles of his poems. His metaphors, similes, and apparent allusions have enlivened his poetry.

In this book, Allama Fazal Haq Khairabadi’s originality and beauty are conveyed. The color of his literary spirit, the freshness of the dreams of freedom, and the sense of common sentiments with one nationality are felt by the readers on every page. “Baaghi Hindustan” by Allama Fazal Haq Khairabadi is a very valuable influence that touches the hearts of the readers. This book awakens the spirit of a common national interest in the light of freedom.

Baghi Hindustan By Allama

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