Badam Se Ilaj (Almond) by Hakeem Tariq Madni


بادام سے علاج 
حکیم محمد طارق مدنی

Badam Se Ilaj (Almond) by Hakeem Tariq Madni

Book title Badam Se Ilaj (treatment with Almond) written by Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Madni. A home remedies Herbal book, This is Natural way Treatment for a deferent type of human diseases with Modern Scientific research in Urdu language PDF format.Almond Use in Different type in herb and Unani medicine Tips. Read in this book, almond oil benefits in Urdu Badam se desi ilaj and Fawaid, Definition and Benefits of Almond (Badam) fawahid, Types of Almond,Bengali, Seloni, Sehrahi, Madarisi, Badam e barbari, Oil, Sweet Almond, usage with Milk, Disease treatment with Almond, Male and Female Diseases treatments, Mardana taqal ya namardi ka ilag, hair Diseases, Sex diseases problem treatments, Qabz, Ear, Benefit of Oil, face diseases treatment with badam and More topics wait for you.Free Download or read on the web without any difficulty from given links. Only 53 pages, file size 8.5MB.  


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