Baburnama Written by Zaheeruddin Babar History Tuzk E Babari Urdu


بابر نامہ
 ظہیر الدین محمد بابر

Babar Nama Book of Mughal Emperor Babur. This is an Urdu translation of Persian book Tuzk E Babari written by Zahir Uddin Mohammad Baber and translated into Urdu language by Muhammad Qasim Siddiqui. this is Urdu Kudhnosht book autobiography of Zaheer Uddin Babar free download in pdf format or read online. Published by Qaumi counsel baraye farog e Urdu Zuban New Delhi. This life story literature written for children or kids but All ages person able to read this book. The history of Zahir Uddin belongs to Hindustan or India and Afghanistan. This PDF history book Babar Nama Pdf contains the political, monetary, and social states of that time. Zahir Uddin Babar in which he depicts his background. He remarked on the geology and the governmental issues of India at his chance. Zaheer Babar was the originator of Mughal Empire in Sub-mainland. He attacked cities of Afganistan Kabul and Qandahar after his quit from Samarkand.It is the collection of memoirs book of Zaheer Ud Din Babar in which he depicts his background. He remarked on the geology and the legislative issues of India at his chance. This book as long as 100 pages and file 1 MB. You may read Akbar Se Augangzeb Tak and Akhri Ahde Mughlia Ka Hindustan.

Autobiography of Zahiruddin Babar Urdu PDF Book Pages:

Zaheeruddin Babar
Tuzk e Babari

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