Azmooda Homeopathic Nuskhajat By Syed Mufti Muneer


Azmooda Homeopathic Nuskhajat written by Dr Syed Mufti Muneer Ul Islam Alvi Homeo Physician. The Urdu about homoeopathic Medicine treatment methods (Tariqa e Ilaj) of different human diseases. Homoeopathy or homÅ“opathy is an arrangement of the elective drug made in 1796 by Samuel Hahnemann, in view of his precept of like fixes like, a case that a substance that causes the manifestations of illness in solid individuals would fix comparable side effects in wiped out individuals.  Now download free pdf copy this ebook from below links I hope you like this book and share to friends and family.

Homeopathic Tariqa Ilaj

Homeopathic Medicine Urdu

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