Azdawaji Zindgi Kay Aadab by Allama Shakh Khalid


ازدواجی زندگی کے آداب

علامہ شیخ خالد

Free download or read online  poetry book “Azdawaji Zindagi Kay Aadab” written By  Allama Shaikh Khalid Abdul Rahman Alalk,  and Urdu translation by Maulana Muhammad Imran Anwar Nizam. Marriage, as well charged cooperation or wedlock, is a socially or customarily usual projection or usual course of action in the midst of mates that builds uprights and commitments in the midst of them, in the midst of them and their kids, and in the midst of them and their in-laws. The simple of union shifts as per modified societies, yet it is basically a foundation in which interpersonal connections, generally sexual, are recognized. In a few societies, a collision is prescribed or encouraged to be compulsatory up to propelling any creature movement. At the point when bona fide comprehensively, a partnership is prompted a social general.

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