Azadi (Liberty) by J.S Mill Urdu PDF Download


Azadi (Freedom) Urdu Translation by Syed Ansari


 اسٹوارٹ مل
 ترجمہ: سعید انصاری
Free read or download Philosophy Urdu book Azadi (Liberty) written by J.S Mill and Urdu translation by Syed Ansari. On Liberty is a philosophical work by English thinker John Stuart Mill, initially proposed as a short paper. The work, distributed in 1859, applies Mill’s moral arrangement of utilitarianism to society and the state. Mill endeavors to build up norms for the relationship in the middle of power and freedom. Published by qaumi Council Brae Froukh Urdu Zuban New Dehli.This is Social Urdu book, Discuss about and Human freedom, war and Power in human history, Politicals and Social Issue in history and today, inqilab e France, Causes, result, this is research book on Human Freedom in this world.the power of men and woman in civil society. Rule and Regulation, democracy, Republic (Jamuriat), Party and Groupes.  

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