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Mumtaz Mufti Book Aur Aukhay Log In PDF

اوراوکھے لوگ

The Lif story or biography of famous Pakistani writers, Person and Authors written Mumtaz Mufti this is the second edition of this book. The personality and story of famous Urdu writers,Total 23 sections, exposed 23 identities extremely intriguing, in reality, it is the name is sufficient to clarify what this book is about 23 individuals. 23 parts, Each holding an exact and able record of these uncommon identities. A couple of occurrences/extracts are redundant, as of now specified in his different books, however, every time you read those, appreciate significantly more than the last time. Redundancy by Mufti Sahab didn’t exhaust me ever. read about the following 23 authors and Person:
  • Anwar Sadeed Poet/Writer Biography
  • Ahmed Bashir
  • Masood Qureshi
  • Azar Zobi
  • Mazhar ul Islam
  • Ashfaq Ahmed
  • Begum Saqiba Rahimuddin
  • Ibne Insha
  • Altaf Gauhar
  • Bano Qudsia
  • Bushra Rehman
  • Ada Jafri
  • Aziz Malik
  • Zulfiqar Tabish
  • Pervin Atif
  • Pertu Rohela
  • Hassam-ud-Din Rashidi
  • Sarfraz Iqbal
  • Roshan Sabteen
  • Sajjad Hyder
  • Fikr Taunsvi
  • Qudrat Ullah Shahab
  • Mumtaz Mufti (Kud Nosht)

Mumtaz Mufti Book Aur Aukhay Log In PDF

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