Aur Insaan Mar Gaya Novel by Ramanand Sagar History Afsanay in Urdu


اور انسان مرگیا 
راما نند ساگر
Free download old Indian and Pakistani Urdu Novel and Afsanay “Aur Insaan Mar Gaya” mean And Human died written by Ramanand Sagar this is historical novel old is gold this is selected from the best favorite Urdu books collection for Urdu lovers and you, this novel published in August 1948. It is extraordinary compared to other Urdu novel on the occasions of 1947. The ubiquity of Ramanand Sagar is a movie producer than an author. He made a large number of the best movies. This novel gives the photo of society in 1947 with reference to the partisan mobs of East and West Punjab, Lahore and Amritsar, as every one of the connections which depend on developments and religions in view of humankind. Individuals are seen The social orders between these conceivable outcomes in 1947 have a feeling of intelligence, enterprise, social relations and traditions. This general public has been distinguished just by two words. Society and group of Hindus society and individuals. Muslims in Pakistan and western Punjab individuals are being revived in India. This change of humankind gulped India’s out-dated development. Hindus and Sikhs began executing Muslim. The settlements were signed. Kids were sprinkled on the casings. Ladies and young ladies are tied up. This novel demonstrates that the humankind inside individuals is finished. You can also read more novels and books in Urdu Sangtarash by Aslam Rahi and Saqib by Salma Aawan
The bellow following chapters in this novel:
  • Ozar Gunnah
  • Surakh Fawwary
  • Raqs Shareer
  • Main Bach Gaya
  • Aur Insan Mar Gaya

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