Atlas Futuhatay Islamiyah By Ahmad Adil Kamal

اٹلس فتوحات اسلامیہ

Atlas Futuhatay Islamiyah By Ahmad Adil Kamal

Atlas Futuhatay Islamiyah ( Atlas of Islamic Conquests) written by By Ahmad Adil Kamal  Translate in Urdu by Muhsin Farane .Intermittent Golden History of Islamic Conquests .From the Caliphate of Abu Bakr to the Height of the Usman Caliphate. From Central Asia to Morocco, Spain, and Central Europe.History is a mirror of the previous days and nights of countries and groups. Henceforth the History of Islam is not just a mirror of the fourteen centuries of the Muslim Ummah however it additionally implies the best Human Civilization on the substance of the earth. So a stark need emerges to familiarize new era of Muslim Ummah with incredible savvy and political pioneers and famous identities alongside such men of accomplishments and valiant legends who vanquished false compels in the front lines keeping in mind the end goal to proliferate the genuine religion in those grounds where dimness and obliviousness won. “Chartbook of the Islamic Conquests” has been arranged in perspective of the same elevated point. In it are occasions of sequential days, months & years of major Islamic Conquests, beginning from the time of first Caliph Abu Bakr Siddiq (RA) to the rule of Ottoman Caliph Murad 3, have been depicted, with full color maps and interesting snaps, in such a way, to the point that the per user obliges them and runs over brilliant authentic happenings and new mysteries of History are revealed. Make the exhaustive investigation of “Map book of Islamic Conquests” yourself and spur your youngsters, kith and families and companions to study it. This interesting Atlas, having characteristic and evident magnificence, is a magnum opus of history and examination and rich presentation for Urdu perusers. Pages: 492.


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