Assembly Se Classroom Tak By Dr Muhammad Iftikhar


Assembly Se Class Room Tak has written by Dr Muhammad Iftikhar, this Urdu books for kids. Today’s children are grown up today, so living and conscious nations begin training their infants from their childhood. It is an unavoidable fact that children are naturally fond of listening to stories and reading stories. That’s why stories play an important role in building a child’s character. Pakistan, like other countries, has had a flood of books written for children, but sadly, most of these books are full of fictional stories of witches, animals, spies, thieves and robbers. Photos and great getups are resorted to making them attractive. They are interesting but do not have any good and useful effect on the children’s minds, and their ideas and thoughts are tarnished. On the contrary, there was a great need for such children’s books to be written. Which is useful as well as a source of training for them. The commentary book “From the Assembly to the Class” is authored by Dr Mohammad Iftikhar Khokhar Sahib, in which he fulfils the same shortcomings and makes a great effort to teach the children to rise in different ways in a unique and storytelling manner. Is This book is the second in a series of “Muslim Children’s Morning Visas”, launched by Pakistan’s leading global publishing company, School of Dar es Salam. The school has also produced a number of books for children, many of which are available on our site. May Allah Almighty accept the efforts of the reformer and publisher regarding the reform of the children and allow our children to become truly Muslim and believing.

اسمبلی سے کلاس روم تک  مسلمان بچوں کے صبح و شام

ڈاکٹر محمد افتخار کھوکھر

Urdu books for kids

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