Arthashastra in Urdu by Shan ul Haque Haqi PDF Book



Indian History Book Raja Chandar Gupth 

ارتھ شاستر

 ترجمہ: شان الحق حقی

Arthashastra in Urdu by Shan ul Haque Haqi PDF Book

Artha Shastra by Acharya Chanakya and Urdu translation by Shan ul Haque Haqi, this is free download PDF copy of historical Urdu book. The history of India, The brief history  life on King (Shenshah) or Raja Chandar Gupth Moria also know Kotilia Chankia, he belongs to Janubi Asia 321 A.E. This book translated in many languages worldwide. Read in this book about Raja ki Tarbiat wo Dasdoor e Hayat (The training of Raja and Laws). The book, written in Sanskrit, examines hypotheses and standards of representing a state. It is not a record of Mauryan organization. The title, Arthashastra, which signifies “the Science of Material Gain” or “Study of Polity”, does not leave any questions about its finishes. As indicated by Kautilya, the ruler ought to utilize any way to achieve his objective and his activities required no ethical assent. The main issues talked about are of the most commonsense kind. In spite of the fact that the lords were permitted a free rein, the natives were liable to an inflexible arrangement of guidelines. This twofold standard has been referred to as a reason for the outdated nature of the Arthashastra, however, the genuine reason for its definitive disregard, as the Indian student of history Romila Thapar proposes, was the development of an entirely unexpected society to which these techniques no more connected.  Hindu Raja Chandra Gupta Government rules and laws, Crime and war Law in Indian history, Spy network (jasoosi ka nizam).

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