The Art of Public Speaking by Dale Carnegie in Urdu


Guftgo aur Taqreer Ka Fun  in Urdu by Waqar Aziz

گفتگو اور تقریر کا فن


Training article for public speaking, free download  PDF or read  Urdu translation book of “The Art of Public Speaking” written  by Dale Carnegie and translate into Urdu language by Waqar Aziz. The fast and effortless approach to amazing speak-me, The great way to come to be a confident, powerful public speaker, consistent with the authors of this landmark e publication, is quite simply to do it. Follow, practice, follow. And even as you are at it, anticipate the positive. Have something to assert. This Urdu eBook is fairly a practical strategy to public speaking, It was a pleasure to learn it  now study in Urdu and enjoy.

Guftgo aur Taqreer Ka Fun  in Urdu by Waqar Aziz

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