April Fools Day History and Disadvantages Urdu Book by Waris Sajid


عیسائی استعمار کی دھول ’’اپریل فول‘‘ مسلمانوں کو قبول

عبد الوارث ساجد

April Fools Day Urdu

Free download book about April Fools Day read history, reality, and disadvantages in view the of Islam. The title name of this book “Essaye Istamar Ki Dool Musalmanon Ko Qabool” written by Abdul Waris Sajid Allah created man for his worship and guided the people of the Prophets to guide mankind to guide every person. But even then, humans are becoming enemies of their culture, prosperity, society, and their own teachings and training by becoming blind. who celebrate the April Fools, feel proud to fool their other brothers If it is seen by removing from religion, the person with a wise person will not recognize him that there is a party of happiness in the house and sad mourning in the house together, every kind of ritual that has a lot of storms It does not have to be far away from Islam. We do not even realize that under the conspiracy Muslim youths are being removed from their civilization, by adopting customs like New York Night, Valentine’s Day, April Fool, we not only make our financial loss but also a civil war. The under title Urdu book is a research paper by “April Fool” Abdul Varash Sajid. In which author has written April Fool’s history, its fact and the losses of April Fool. Allah Almighty says that Allah Almighty save Islam from this dangerous plot and reward the author with great reward. Amen. Get pdf or read online total 100 pages and pdf file size 7 MB. You may be read April Fool by Umme Abde Muneeb and QTV Programs Ahkam e Shariat.

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April Fools Urdu History

April Fools Islam Urdu

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