Anokha Safar By Balqees Riaz PDF Free Download Book

Anokha Safar by Balqees Riaz Safarnaman Traveloue story Urdu PDF free download book or read online. Balqees Riaz is a famous Urdu writer in Pakistan. In her lengthy writing career, she authored many books and novels.
She was given fame thru her travelogue books. Balqees Riaz is also writing for newspapers and magazines. The book Ajaibaat e Farang Pdf is a great travelogue via Ali Sufyan Afaqi.
In this e-book, the author described his visit to America and Europe. He discussed the information at the back of the unusual progress of the Western people in each subject of life. He compared it with the situation of Pakistan. Afaqi defined the lifestyle and traditions of the West, which might be simple but in line with the modern age. You can also read or download all Balqees Riaz Urdu books.
Balqees Riaz Safar Nama

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