Amraz-ul-Atfaal by Akeem Khursheed Ahmed Shafqat Azmi


امراض اطفال

خورشید احمد شفقت 

Amraz-ul-Atfaal by Akeem Khursheed Ahmed Shafqat Azmi
Free download or read online Tibi Urdu Book “Amraz-ul-Atfaal” written By  Hakeem Khursheed Ahmed Shafqat Azmi. youngsters illnesses are specify here, tips on the most proficient method to conquer these kids ailments are given here in urdu.In case you’re expecting an infant, you’re presumably realizing everything you can about how to make your pregnancy, work, and conveyance go easily and abandon you and your child healthy. Anyhow its likewise imperative to comprehend that certain wellbeing issues and entanglements can’t be kept, regardless of how easily the pregnancy goes. There’s no real way to be totally arranged for entanglements amid conveyance or for the revelation that your kid has a conception deformity or medicinal issue. Anyway understanding regular infant wellbeing issues and how they’re dealt with power diminish nervousness about the potential that something may happen.  


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