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Imraz e Qalb Muhammad Nawaz

Amraz e Qalb by Muhammad Nawaz Tanoli Urdu Health books free to download in PDF format or read online from this blog.

Amraz e Qalb (Heart Diseases) is a book by Muhammad Nawaz Tanoli that discusses the causes, symptoms, and treatment of heart diseases. The book is written in Urdu and is aimed at a general audience.

Tanoli is a doctor and has a wealth of experience in the field of cardiology. He has written several books on heart diseases, and Amraz e Qalb is one of his most popular works.

The book is divided into several chapters, each of which discusses a different aspect of heart disease. The chapters cover topics such as the anatomy of the heart, the causes of heart disease, the symptoms of heart disease, and the treatment of heart disease.

Tanoli’s writing is clear and easy to understand. He uses simple language and avoids medical jargon. He also includes many diagrams and illustrations to help explain the concepts.

Amraz e Qalb is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about heart disease. It is a comprehensive and informative book that is sure to be of interest to both laypeople and medical professionals.

Muhammad Nawaz Tanoli is a medicinal expert and author. He has immense information on restorative research and attempted to be mindful of the individuals as per this composition. He watched the case history of certain patients and discussed that in this book. The Urdu Health or Sehat book Imraz e Qalb Pdf is a phenomenal composition by Muhammad Nawaz Tanoli about heart infections.

In this book, the essayist depicts the reason for various heart maladies. He referenced the careful steps to and its treatment. He clarified the capacity of the heart as indicated by current logical research and therapeutic history. We trust you like to peruse the book Imraz e Qalb Pdf and offer it with your companions.

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