Amraz e Meda ka Ilaj by Hakeem Saifullah Saikho


Stomach Disease Treatment in Urdu Book

امراض معدہ کا علاج 

حکیم سیف اللہ سیکھو

Tips Desi Herbal book for Stomach Problem or digestive problems & disorders (Amraz-e-Maida) and Upset Stomach Remedies and  common digestive problems and how to end them in Urdu, free download Hikmat book in Urdu Amraz e Meda Ka Ilaj (Stomach Disease treatment) Tib Islami aur jaded medical Science ke roshni main written by Hakeem Saifullah Saikho. Stomach Disease and treatment in the light of Islamic Tib and Modern Medical Science read in Urdu local language, read online Hannan Health series PDF literature from this blog.
Amraz e Meda ka Ilaj by Hakeem Siafullah Seeko

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