Amir Khusrow History Urdu Book Download

امیر خسرو دہلوی
Amir Khusrow History Urdu Book Download
Free download or read online  history Book “Amir Khusro”.Amir Khusro fit in with the tribe of Turks. His father Amir Saif-ud-Din Mehmood came to India from Balkh after Changez Khan assaulted the home city. His father was hitched to the girl of Nawab Imad ul Mulk. Amir Khusro was conceived at town Patiali in region Eeta. Year of his introduction to the world is 1253 A.d. His father kicked the bucket when he was eight years of age. His granddad masterminded his training. At twenty years old, he learned Arabic, Persian and different fields of learning common around then. He was pulled in towards verse and music. The child of Ghias-ud-racket Balban (Prince Muhammad) recognized him a considerable measure. Amir Khusro stayed in bondage for two years when the wars pursued between Prince Muhammad and the Mughals. After liberation Amir Khusro held high positions in the courts of lords.  


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