Amar Bail Urdu Novel by Umera Ahmed



عمیرہ احمد

Amar Bail by Umera Ahmed

Amarbail by Umaira Ahmad may be a story of Umar Jehangir and Aleezay Sikandar, set-up within the backcloth of Pakistani officialdom culture. An awfully merely written novel of Umaira Ahmed deals with multiple problems with our society during a very intriguing manner. it’s a story of unbalanced relationships, broken families, lust for power, complexes, insecurities and amidst all issues of affection, its intensity, and sacrifices. It depicts verity face of our officialdom system, light social evils like corruption, discrimination and injustice and the way from time to time going against the law is that the solely thanks to penalize the culprits. The novel touches your heart by its sensible portrayal of human emotions and psychological science. It revolves around Umer Jehangir and Aleezay Sikandar. 2 individuals each from broken official families. Aleezay Sikandar WHO had her complexes, her want in life to be favorite and brought the care of and Umar Jehangir, a personality with multiple shades. What makes Umer intriguing and interesting square measure the imperfections in him, a personality that’s terribly realistic however ne’er sketched before, a mix of excellent and evil, removed from the same old excellent hero; unremarkably pictured in our novels. On the surface he was a ungenerous and corrupt man, however deep within he had a caring and sensitive heart, WHO longed for his mother’s love, cared for his friends and was entirely attentive to his own weaknesses which awareness of himself is what created him sacrifice his love. briefly he’s a personality one cannot resist falling taken with despite all his weaknesses. Amar Bail was awful. Aleeza and Umar became my fav couple. The story was riveting and full of a mix of emotions. gaga it! Reading once more and Again! Umera Ahmed is currently in my fav list. One issue that actually needed from the novel was a cheerful ending, everything doesn’t ought to be over on death, corruption can continue! Painful Ending however still gaga it! one thing for everybody to read! got to own a copy. Download or read online from below links end of the post.

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