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Aligarh movement PDF Urdu book consists of the efforts made by the Muslims of the subcontinent after the Jang e Azadi of 1857 along with Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and other important leaders. These movements had already started before Jang e Azadi. But their emphasis increased after the war. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan played a key role in this movement and led the Muslims. He took them out of despair and frustration and set them on the path to freedom.

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Background of Aligarh movement:

Before the Aligarh movement can be defeated, it is necessary to understand the objectives of the region. Because all the movements that take place in society are the result of evolution. All of these factors are closely linked. Behaviors that arise in human societies, human social, economic, religious, or political needs arise as a process or reaction. Therefore, it would not be correct to study the component by cutting a total. The whole of India was a fertile ground for movements. Especially in northern India and southern regions.

The reason and important people of movement:

History has shown that when nations fall, the voices of change and revolution emanate from the same declining society. The complete success of the British came when Tipu Sultan was martyred. After Tipu Sultan, when the decline of Muslims in India was over, the three personalities influenced Indian society to some extent with their thoughts and actions. They include Syed Ahmed Shaheed, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, and Sir Syed Ahmed Khan.

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