Alauddin Khwarazm Shah by Aslam Rahi Urdu Historical Book


Alauddin Khwarazm Shah has written by Aslam Rahi Urdu Historical Book PDF free download or reads on the internet. Alauddin Khwarazm Shah epic wrote by Aslam Rahi M.A. Allauddin Khwarzam Shah is another best and colossal of Aslam Rahi which contains an intriguing and model story of Sultan Allauddin Khwarzam Shah. The chronicled story of Sultan Alauddin Khwarazm Shah in the Urdu dialect. In this book which depicts the life of Alauddin Khawarazam Shah. Aslam Rahi MA is the writer of the Urdu Novel. He told the wars of Alauddin against the Mongols. He ceased the Mongols to enter in focal Asia for the twenty years and got distinction as the lion of Khwarazm. Khwarazm Shah ceased Changiz Khan over twenty Years. He was an incredible warrior and military pioneer. For his grit, Sultan is popular as the lion of Khwarazm. It is an incredible history book for each book sweetheart. Now download and share this book from the end of the article.
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