Al Noor Urdu By Prof Syed Suleman Ashraf PDF

Al Noor By Prof Syed Suleman Ashraf

Al Noor Urdu By Prof Syed Suleman Ashraf Free PDF Ebooks download or read on the internet from this library. This Urdu ebook Al Noor Urdu Pdf is a brilliant e-book on the political history of India with the aid of Syed Suleman Ashraf.

In this ebook, the author discussed the Khilafat Movement and the position of the Indian Muslims in it. He analyzed the non-cooperation cautioned by Gandhi which seriously damaged the Muslim’s interests. Prof Syed Suleman Ashraf changed into an exquisite scholar, educationist, speaker, and writer.

He belonged to the Barelvi faculty of notion and performed a fantastic role in Indian politics. He unveiled the conspiracies of Hindus and their Muslim proxies. Now get a free pdf file copy from the below links at the end of this post.


”النور” تحریک خلافت و ترک موالات کے دوران گاندھی کے دجل وفریب کا شکار بعض مسلمان قائدین کی کوتاہ بینی اور اس کے مضمرات پر ایک چشم کشا تالیف پروفیسر سید محمد سلیمان اشرف بہاری،صدر شعبہ دینیات ،مسلم یونیورسٹی علی گڑھ


Al Noor Urdu Syed Suleman Ashraf

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