Al Jawab al Bahir Fi Zawwaril Maqabir in Urdu by Ibn Taymiyyah

Al Jawab al Bahir Fi Zawwaril Maqabir (Answering visitors of graves) written by Shaykh al Islam Ibn Taymiyah and translated in Urdu download pdf copy of this book or read online. The Outstanding Answer on Visiting the Graves manages the significant subject of venturing out to other than the three Masjids (Masjid-ul-Haram in Makkah, Masjid-un-Nabawy in Madinah and baytul Maqdis in Palestine) so as to visit the graves of prophets and holy people. This book is reality a talk which shaykh al-Islam kept in touch with A Nasir, the sultan of his time, explaining his situation on this dubious subject. It was his position which his adversaries later twisted and used as a way to have him detained in Damascus, wherein he stayed until his demise in the year 721 A.H. Now get free pdf copy from below links.

Ibn Taymiyah Urdu Books


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