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آخری چٹان 
 نسیم حجازی
Akhri Chatan Naseem Hijazi
Free Islamic history books in Urdu free download pdf by selected from Naseem Hijazi novels collection now you are reading online novel Akhri Chatan written by Naseem Hijazi. Akhri Chattan story is about a Muslim army who tries to join Muslims under one standard against the abhorrence of Chinggis Khan. Title of this novel alludes to the Khwarezmian Empire and its Sultan Jalal Uddin Mingburnu. This is best 2nd Naseem Hijazi Urdu novel, initial one was Muhammad Bin Qasim which I thought was a superb novel. Akhri Chatan by Naseem Hijazi is about the destruction of Muslim Empire. It demonstrates how one country can go down in the event that it winds up plainly narrow-minded and degenerate. I for one felt that this book is Long. It ought to have been close to 350 Pages. Because of an absence of different focal characters as it was in Muhammad Bin Qasim, this book felt once in a while tedious. he depicted the Mongol assaults on Khwarizm Dynasty. In this Urdu novel Akhri Chataan, he clarifies the Sultan Jalal Ud Din Khwarizm that ceased the Mongol twenty years to forward towards the Baghdad. Khwarizm Shah thinks about the last obstacles amongst Mongols and Baghdad city. After his demise, Mongol caught the Baghdad. Consequently, the most refined city in the Human history wrecked with cold-bloodedness. This book additionally brought up the conditions that assume a part in the disappointment of Khwarizm Sultan. You can read this book, know the character of Muslim pioneers of these circumstances, and view our present pioneers. This is a internet edition copy of this Urdu literature available in PDF format for free download and online reading this book as long as 520 pages and pdf file size 8 MB.

Urdu Nawal by Naseem Hijazi history Urdu Novels Online: 

Nasim Hijazi is the best Pakistani Islamic historical novels writer he writes many famous and best-selling books on Islamic history moral characters on the Islamic person and Commanders. Sharif Hussain who utilized the nom de Naseem Hijazi was an Urdu author. He was conceived in an Arain family in the town of Sujaanpur close to the town of Dhariwal, in the Gurdaspur area of Punjab, before the freedom of Pakistan. his family settled in Lahore in 1947. You may read Naseem Hijazi novels and books Dastan-e-Mujahid and Kaleesa Aur Aag.

The following below titles of this novel:

Part 1 

  • Baghdad
  • Tahir ke naey Dost aur Dushman
  • Safia
  • Qasim Ka Intaqam
  • Tahir Bin Yousaf
 Part 2

  • Khalifa ka ailchi
  • Aik Inkshaf
  • Taimoor Malak
  • Surya
  • Sipahi ki Beti
  • Sipahe aur Tajir
  • Dawat Amal


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