Ajami Israel by Shorish Kashmiri PDF Urdu Book

Ajami Israel by Shorish Kashmiri

Ajami Israel by Agha Shorish Kashmiri PDF book free to download or read online from our blog. Ajami Israel’s book created by Agha Shorish Kashmiri is one of the most striking antis Qadianism books that uncovered ulterior thought processes of Qadianis in Pakistan in the Urdu language. An underground hazard investigation of Qadiani imperialism in the subcontinent.

Qadianis search for refuge in religion anyway plays the performance of legislative issues; when one learns their political craving, they pass on in the shackles of religion and yell “We are a minority” and approach worldwide still, a small voice to help it. The unconscious world comprehends that Pakistan’s “over-the-top Muslims” need to pulverize a little minority of them.

Urdu book “Ajmi Israel” is currently accessible on this website in a top-notch Pdf report for the investigation of our guests. Look at the accompanying connects to peruse on the web or download the total booklet in Pdf arrange and appreciate disconnected perusing on your PC what’s more, cell phone. Now get a pdf copy from the below links.

Ajami Israel is a controversial book that argues that the Ahmadiyya sect of Islam is a threat to Pakistan. The author, Shorish Kashmiri, was a well-known Pakistani journalist and author. He was a staunch critic of Ahmadis, and he believed that they were a fifth column that was working to undermine Pakistan.

The book is divided into two parts. The first part discusses the history of Ahmadiyya, and the second part discusses the threat that Ahmadis pose to Pakistan. Kashmiri argues that Ahmadis are not Muslims and that they are a tool of Western imperialism. He also argues that Ahmadis are trying to infiltrate the Pakistani government and military.

The book has been criticized by some for its anti-Ahmadi bias. However, it has also been praised by others for its insights into the Ahmadiyya movement. Kashmiri’s arguments are based on a careful reading of Ahmadi texts, and he provides a wealth of evidence to support his claims.

Overall, Ajami Israel is an important book that provides a unique perspective on the Ahmadiyya movement. It is a must-read for anyone who is interested in the history of Ahmadiyya, or in the challenges facing Pakistan.

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