Ahtikaf Course by Muhammad Ilyas Ghman

اعتکاف کورس 
محمد الیاس گھمن
Ahtikaf Course by Muhammad Ilyas Ghman

Ahtikaf Training Course Giude book in by M. Ilyas Ghman. Ahtikaf intruduction, benefit and problems, Fazahil e Ahtikaf, types of Ahtikaf, Masahil Ahtikaf,Namaz E Ishraq, Salat Chasht, Namaz e Awabeen, Namaz e Dahjjud, Sala ul Tasbeeh, benefits of Namaz. Read Islamic duas in this book with Urdu translation.How to stay in Masjid.This is very informative and knowledge Urdu book.

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