Ahmed Shah Abdali By Maqsood Ayaz History PDF Urdu Book Download

Ahmed Shah Abdali By Maqsood Ayaz
Free download or read online  History and Biography Book “Ahmed Shah Abdali ” written By  Maqsood Ayaz. Ahmad Shah enrolled as an adolescent fighter in the military of the Afsharid kingdom and rapidly rose to turn into a leader of four thousand Abdali Pashtun fighters. After the demise of Nader Shah Afshar of Persia in June 1747, Abdali turned into the King of Afghanistan. Arousing his Pashtun tribes and Baloch partners, he pushed east towards the Mughal and the Maratha domains of India, west towards the crumbling Afsharid Empire of Persia, and north at the Khanate of Bukhara. Inside a couple of years, he developed his control from Khorasan in the west to Kashmir and North India in the east, and from the Amu Darya in the north to the Arabian Sea in the south. Ahmad Shah’s mausoleum is spotted at Kandahar, Afghanistan, adjoining the Shrine of the Cloak in the middle of the city.  PDF format Copy of books in Urdu. 



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