Afghan History Urdu Book Afghanon Ki Nasli Tareekh Free Download


An introduction to Afghan history. You will discover orders, blooded stories, reports, for example, past constitutions, and topics managing different phases of Afghan history. The ethnic and cultural history of Afghanis in Urdu Afghanon Ki Nasli Tareekh written by Mr. Roshan Khan Roshan, Pakhtoon language is the mother language of this book author writer also research about Pakthuns history background belong Banu Israel. selected from Afghan history books in Urdu, the brief detail of Afghanistan and Afghani background history now you can free download pdf or read online from this eBooks library this online Urdu literature as long as 77 pages with small pdf file size 4 MB only generated only for fast and easy download visit more old Pakistani books here. This book Published by Roshan Khan and company Joona Market Karachi. You may read Fath e Afghanistan and  Taliban by Hameed Jehlmi.

The main topics of this book are below:

  • Aria ya Hindun ki tarik pa nazar
  • Aria Nasal
  • The history of Aria’s
  • Hindustan ka naqsha tareeki
  • Qaum e Afghan
  • Afghan Nasal
  • Afghan bani Israel main
  • A Historical fact
  • Accident history 
  • A Jew traveler (Aik Yauoodi Saeeha)
  • History of Peshawar
  • Shiekh Sah dullah
  • Abdul Wahid Afghan Bilgharami
  • Akhon e Salak wa Akhun e Sapak
  • Abdullah Qasoori
  • Mian Omer Chamakni
  • Akoon Muhammad Khan
  • Maulana Ghulam Haider
  • Israeli Ambia
  • Amir Adbur Rehman
  • Molana Ahsanul Haq
  • Aim Tawarikh

Accent History of Afghani PDF Book in Urdu:

The accent and blooded history of Afghani in Urdu Afghanon Ki Nasli Tareekh this book written by Mr. Roshan Khan. Afghan history Urdu book free download in pdf or read online easy and fast download from end of the post.

Afghanon Ki Nasli Tareekh

Afgan history book Urdu

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