Adobe Photoshop Quick Guide In Urdu Book PDF Free Download


Learn Adobe Photoshop Urdu Tutorial PDF

ایڈوبی فوٹوشاپ کوئیک گائیڈ

Adobe Photoshop Quick Guide In Urdu PDF Free download, Learn in one-minute photoshop basic. Read about Photoshop first version,easy and Step by Step tutorial in Urdu language, Learn tool penal and toolbar, Use of Move, Marquee, Lasso, Corp, Magic wand Eyedropper, healing, paint brush, clone stamp, history brush, typing,  etc tools, How to select colors, how rotate image, Make double exposed photo, changing lipstick colours, triangle angle pixelation effect, Image slice technique, Promote to user slice, usage of Bloom effect, image retouching, Photoshop board shortcut chart, use of Sharpness image tool. photoshop Warp text making. Read more download the complete tutorial.

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