Abdullah Novel by Hashim Nadeem


ھاشم ندیم

Abdullah Novel by Hashim Nadeem

Free download Urdu Novels here now “Abdullah” via Hashim Nadeem Khan is an interesting and really beautiful Romantic and Social Reforming Novel on a matter of Ishq-e-Haqiqi.This novel is the third famous and report breaking novel of Hashim Nadeem Khan. That is the story of a journey from worldly like to actual Love. Abdullah novel unfolds the secrets of the specific and parallel world. The experience of Self cognizance and Discovery of Oneself.  Sahir is the lead personality of the unconventional. He is one who received the proper route of “Ishq-e-Haqiqi” by way of “Ishq-e-Majazi”.Is achieving the very best stage of spirituality the only option to acquire love? Hashim Nadeem solutions the questions. The events of the story are well-linked. The real love that he observed the face of a beautiful virgin named Zohra, the heroine of the radical. Abdullah novel teaches us tips on how to sacrifice for love both for a character or Allah Ta’ala. Read online click given links. Click here for Abdullah 2

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