Aasan Qudrti Ilaj by Hakim Hafiz Tahir Mehmood


آسان قدرتی علاج  
حکیم حافظ طاہر محمود بٹ
Free Download or read online Home Natural Remedies Book “Aasan Qudrti Elaj” in Urdu written by Hakim Hafiz Tahir Mehmood. Totkay, health tips, Jari Botion se ilaj in Urdu, is unique collection of best known remedies for diseases, Treatment from colours, Practic, Water, Oils, Smell, Fruits,Vegetable,Plants,psychology.What may be a lot of fantastic that having the ability to assuage your own and your family’s aches and pains naturally? Here Islamist offers a recommendation for treating common conditions and diseases reception mistreatment remedies provided by Mother Nature. during this book you will discover a way to treat non-serious complaints, like coughs, colds and sore throats, further as suggestions for alleviating the strain of a lot of permanent conditions like skin disease, inflammatory disease and respiratory illness. packed with easy-to-follow recipes mistreatment herbs, essential oils and ingredients found in your room, you will be creating your own natural remedies in no time.Totkay may be an Urdu language Documents that has many Desi and Natural Totkay for treatment. This book covers subjects like Natural health Tips from the pinnacle to toe. Everything in this file is in the Urdu Language so it is best suited for users who can read Urdu.

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