Aasan Chalees Sabaq by Faruk Ahmed Complete Islamic Books


Aasan Chalees Sabaq

Aasan Chalees Sabaq written by Allama Faruk Ahmed complete Islamic books all Parts in Urdu.  The Koran Hakim is the code of life in the sacred book and practical life of Muslims. The guidance of our religion, religion, and collective affairs is in the custody of the Holy Quran. It is our low courage or neglect that we are deprived of this unfaithfulness. If we do not read Koran Hakim, if we read, we do not try to understand it. However, the Quran invites us to call and invite us to understand it, listen to its verses Allaah Almighty states: “وہ قرآن حکیم میں غور وفکر کیوں نہیں کرتے ،کیا ان کے دلوں پر تالے لگے ہوئے ہیں۔”دوسری جگہ اللہ تعالی فرماتے ہیں: “ہم نے قرآن مجید کو ذکر کے لئے آسان کر دیا ہے ،تو کوئی ہے جو اس میں غور وفکر کرے۔” There is not a regular struggle for us to learn and teach the Arabic language, especially in the Koran language and it has been well-known that the Quran is very difficult and Arabic is very difficult. The world’s hardest language, though the matter is in contrast to it. Allama Faqr Ahmed is a great teacher of Islam, a simple Arabic scheme, Islamabad, under the commentary book “Easy 40 Tutorials”. He used Arabic words, their meaningful methods, and its only meaningful lesson for 40 easy reading lessons. I’m a madam. These lessons have been published several times in different cases, depending on the various meditation, competence and environments. This book consists of four parts, which is a very useful and wonderful book regarding Quranic and Arabic education. They ask that they enter this book in Mufn-e-Hasan Hasan and raise their rank.

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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