Aam Ki Kasht (Mango Cultivation)


Free download or read online Pdf copy booklet of “Aam Ki Kasht (Mango Cultivation)”. Pakistan is an agronomical country and assembly of fruits is the allotment and bundle of this sector. Mango  is the baron of fruits and one of the a lot of important bake-apple crop in the apple as able-bodied as in Pakistan. It’s a tropical, acute bake-apple admired by all due to its taste, flavour and accomplished comestible properties. It is an adorable bake-apple getting developed in added than 100 countries of the world. Today, the anniversary estimated apple over an assembly of mango is over 25million tones. In Pakistan, absolute breadth beneath bake-apple agronomics is 853.4 thousand hectares with the assembly of 7178.8 thousand tonnes while breadth beneath mango agronomics is 167.5 thousand hectares with the assembly of 1,732 thousand tonnes getting the additional above bake-apple crop of Pakistan afterwards citrus and is ranked fourth in the apple for its production. Mexico exports 194.5 bags tonnes getting 30.20% of the absolute trade, followed by Brazil (16.08%), Pakistan (7.38%), India (6.45%) and Philippines (5.62%). Above exporters of the bake-apple are Mexico, Philippines and Pakistan. According to an estimate, Pakistan produces 8.5% of world’s mango and mainly exports to Middle East, Iran, Germany, Japan, China and Hong Kong authoritative its admired addition as an important adopted bill earning bake-apple crop. We trust you will like the book and provide for us your input.share it on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, download it to your computer, use it in your homework and theses. A PDF Copy of books in Urdu available for All.

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