Aakhri Jang (The Last war) by Abu Yahya Urdu Novel Free Download


Aakhree Jang by Abu Yahya PDF Free Download

آخری جنگ

شیطان کے خلاف انسان کا اعلانِ  جنگ

ابو یحییٰ 
The Urdu Translation of Abu Yahya Famous Book. Aakhree Jang (The Last war) Novel written by Abu Yahya, The war Against Satan (Shaitan Ke Khilaf Insan Ka Elan e Jang). Abu Yahya is a Popular writer, he wrote a very popular novel like When Life Begins (Jab Zindagi Shuru Ho gee) and Qasam Us Waqt ki and more. An Excellent gift for the younger generation and all Students. This book belongs to above two books or When Life Begins jab Zindagi shuro hogi is now part 3. This is Islamic Urdu novel for education purpose in PDF format free download or reads online. Base of true and real knowledge. Total 161 pages and file disc size is 3.1 MB. You may be download Teesri Jang and Jab Zindagi Shuru Hogi.

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