Aakhri Gunah Ki Mohlat By Tariq Ismai Sagar Novels in Urdu PDF

Aakhri Gunah Ki Mohlat By Tariq Ismail Sagar Novels in Urdu PDF download or read online. Tariq Ismail Sagar is a most famous and the most well known contemporary Urdu fiction stories and essayist writer from Pakistan. The man who accepts his duty as an author, columnist, playwright and current issues master with press hands. The symbol of both electronic and paper media. The man with an advantage of sixty or more books, twenty-three show serials, and a great many articles. He is the person who has given Pakistan film industry the leap forward content of the motion picture “Salakhain”. The man who has the firm charge over the workings and the systems of overall insight administrations. The man who is positioned among the smash hit author of South Asia. His Urdu books are sold like hot cakes. Individuals all around the world sit tight for his compositions. Indeed, a large number of his books are converted into English for non-Urdu speakers. Many proposals have been composed on his compositions and administrations. Most likely, he is the living legend of Pakistan.

Aakhri Gunah Ki Mohlat

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