9/11 Aur Islam Urdu Free Book by Dr. Fazl e Qadar PDF Download


نائن الیون اور اسلام  
ڈاکٹرفضل قادر
Free download or apprehend online addition absorbing Urdu book “Nine Eleven Aur Islam” and apprehend about 9/11 and Islam in The Urdu language.The September 11 assaults (likewise alluded to as September 11, September eleventh, or 9/11) were a rotation of four pleasing instigator attacks,The assaults dead 2,996 people and procured at nuclear $10 billion in real estate and cellar damage.Four suburbanite aircrafts were seized by 19 terrorists to be aureate into the barrio in suicide assaults. Two of the planes, American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175, were out cold into the North and South towers, individually, of the World Trade Center meandering in New York City. In this Urdu book, he has accounted about the 9/11 Adventure which dead side by side to 3 packs blameless individuals. On the book cover, the editorialist has to specify the Urdu adjustment of an anthem from the Holy Qur’an about peace. Nine Eleven Aur Islam Pdf Urdu book is a perfect work of art of the writer Mr. Fazal Qadir who affirmed to go with the accord in the midst of the West and Islam. In the said book, the editorialist has impartially broken down the 9/11 episode. As indicated by the creator, adjoining the 9/11 experience to Islam and the finished Muslims is an unfairness. Nine Aur Islam Urdu book is a fact in Pdf structural engineering and as proceeded as 68 pages with disk jockey admeasurement of 7.4MB. This book is in Urdu pronunciation and for every one of those people who can catch and acknowledge The Urdu dialect.

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